With southern hospitality and local produce, you will get an abundance of food and wine experiences. And generous portions, of course.

At BOHA we make the food from scratch with top quality ingredients. We continuously develop our kitchen according to trends, although with a firm foundation in our own food philosophy. We find inspiration in other chefs, recipes and dinners we encounter when travelling the world. One of our strengths is our predictability, a connective thread in our way of cooking for the last 13 years. We gladly combine classic dishes with a modern touch, and we have a seasonal menu dominated by Norwegian and short travelled ingredients. The food at BOHA should have a rich flavor, and should taste of what it’s made of.

Our style of cooking leans more towards a brasserie than that of a gourmet. We find inspiration in France, Italy and Asia, but we really don’t have a specific definition to our style of cooking, other than making what we feel like, when we feel like it. We strive to find the pure flavors. Uncomplicated, but elegant food. Not overly technical. We simply want to give people great food and wine experiences – no matter the occasion. We hope that you will say to yourself, when walking out the door:  I will definitely come back!